chi è

elettronica sperimentale is electronic music created by steve castellano. if you like it, this is where you can find more of it.

il bandcamp

you can find the latest elettronica sperimentale releases on bandcamp. preview them in full, and purchase the ones you like – complete albums or individual tracks.

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la nuvola del suono

listen to new works in production, live tracks and archival material for free on soundcloud.

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il blog

that video has music by the way

we thought it would be a bit rude to have a background video autoplay with sound. but here it is backed by an excerpt from where restrictions are imposed, which you can look for in full on a bandcamp release later this year.

news, events, releases

we’ve got some interesting developments and possibly a new bandcamp release in the works. be sure to follow us on twitter and instagram to get the latest news.


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