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elettronica sperimentale is electronic music created by steve castellano. if you like it, this is where you can find more of it.

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Elettronica sperimentale on The Edges of Dreaming

I had the honour of being featured on The Edges of Dreaming last Saturday afternoon, and spent a very enjoyable three hours chatting with some of their artists and listeners online during the show. If you missed it, don’t fret – it’s available for streaming from the Edges of Dreaming page.

New track: Death of the Planet

The 90-minute lecture “The Fate of the Earth,” by Sister Miriam MacGillis, was originally recorded in 1986 and distributed widely through a grassroots network of environmental activists. I recorded two versions of this piece in the late nineties, after having heard an excerpt of it on the radio.

that video has music by the way

we thought it would be a bit rude to have a background video autoplay with sound. but here it is backed by an excerpt from where restrictions are imposed, which you can look for in full on a bandcamp release later this year.


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