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elettronica sperimentale is electronic music created by steve castellano. if you like it, this is where you can find more of it.

il bandcamp

you can find the latest elettronica sperimentale releases on bandcamp. preview them in full, and purchase the ones you like – complete albums or individual tracks.

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la nuvola del suono

listen to new works in production, live tracks and archival material for free on soundcloud.

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il blog

Play the Hits

Hot on the heels of A Robot Doesn’t Talk Back and Argue comes a newly remixed and remastered collection of archival manipulations from previous years. Buy it today on BandCamp!

A robot doesn’t talk back and argue

I’m very excited to announce the first full-length recording by elettronica sperimentale! A Robot Doesn’t Talk Back and Argue is now available for purchase on BandCamp. You can preview it in its entirety here.

Bureaucracy (Has Committed Murder)

Here’s one more preview track from the upcoming retrospective BandCamp release Play the Hits. This was recorded in 2005 under a pseudonym for a songwriting contest – which I didn’t win, due in part perhaps to the fact that it contains no actual singing.


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